Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Branded Singapore

It's amazing and a real eye opener to see how different life can be just 5 hours away from KL city and a hop, skip and jump across the Causeway. Singaporeans are so big into brands!

We walked past the Gucci flagship store on Orchard and everytime i peeped into it it was CROWDED! Even at closing hours! In fact when they had locked their doors at closing time, there were still people inside buying bags off the racks, as if they were free! Our Gucci here in Malaysia is never ever crowded! I even saw people strolling out with huge Gucci paper bags the minute the store opened in the morning!

A particular bag I was considering sold out from the time I saw it in the morning to the time I returned at night! sold out in the entire Singapore in less than half a day! Brands like LV and Gucci are so commonplace in Singapore. They're adorning the shoulders and arms of almost every girl there!

Is it their purchasing power or are they just more fashionable and materialistic?'s food for thought indeed!

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