Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Looking at Laptops

DH is on the lookout for a laptop as his current work laptop does not support a lot of functions. It is just like mine which bans all kinds of non-work related sites and downloading of programmes. We recently saw some on offer during an electronics fair and they were promoting the hp pavilion laptops which looked very sleek and nice. Has anyone used them before and do you find their storage size and performance good?

Fixed Mortgage Loans

I never knew insurance companies offered competitive mortgage rates until I was looking for a suitable loan for my property. I found some fixed rates with a reputable insurance company and they even offered the option of mortgage life insurance backed against the loan to ensure full coverage in any unforeseen events. It was a good move, in the end, to get a fixed mortgage rate as the base lending rates have started to go up. At least with a fixed rate, I will not have to worry of fluctuating interest payments.