Thursday, 9 December 2010

Another Short Break

I'm off again for a little holiday this Friday to join DH in Bangkok and then take a short break in Phuket. I'm there for a particular reason but am also looking forward to checking out the fashion warehouses in Pratunam. They have great looking dresses and women's apparel for a song and will even slash the prices further if you buy more than 3 pieces of apparel! In preparation for that trip, I've been good and have hardly looked at any apparel shops here as I know they will be much cheaper in Bangkok! Can't wait! Hopefully we have quite a bit of time to do some shopping!

Camping in Winter

We were in Europe two weeks ago for a holiday and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I found the weather really cold and miserable, especially in Edinburgh! I can't imagine how people there can consider outdoor activities such as camping in that sort of weather! Then again, the Western countries have great high quality camping gear such as GoLite Sleeping Bags which have specially made bags for negative degree weather. Would you consider camping in those conditions? Certainly not me! Give me a warm room and proper bathroom anyday!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Lovely Jewelry

I was having lunch today with my colleagues when I realised one of them was wearing a really lovely pair of diamond stud earrings. They were huge, at least 0.5 carats each and looked absolutely beautiful, sparkling away with each ray of light that caught on them. They looked very simple but I believe must have cost a fortune because no diamond of that size and beauty can be so cheap! Some women have really beautiful jewelry pieces.

Science Jobs

There was a time when science jobs were hugely popular and parents all over were encouraging their children to do science. Now, science seems to have lost its popularity somewhat in this digital age with IT related jobs and entrepreneurial jobs taking centre stage. Someday when this whole internet boom has died down, people might find that basics are still best and start going back to traditional but stable jobs like science and law!

Best Eye Cream

Have you ever heard of a brand called Stryvectin? It is said to be one of the best eye wrinkle cream to hit the market. Apparently it started off as a stretch mark cream that very quickly became a hit amongst wrinkle conscious ladies when they realised how effective it was in lightening their wrinkles around the eyes. I'm currently trying it out for my crow's feet and am hoping to see some good results soon too!

Indulging in French Fries

I always have a soft spot for French Fries and enjoy indulging in them every now and then. However, the last trip to Europe saw us eating fries almost every other time we had a Western meal! So much so that I have absolutely no more cravings for it anymore! In fact, I ate so much of it that I believe it has added inches to my ever growing waist! :P Perhaps it's time to start looking for the most effective diet pill for a quick fix solution! Especially with the festive season just around the corner!

Battling Crows Feet

I never thought I will worry about wrinkles but I really did freak out when I found some crows feet at the side of my eyes. Luckily my beauty expert sis had some new wrinkle creams in her cosmetic stash and she passed me a tube of eye cream to try. I haven't been very diligent in using it since we were travelling for the past two weeks but I hope it does improve and lighten my wrinkles with constant usage! If we can't avoid age, we can hopefully delay it!

Treatment for Acne

We had a fantastic holiday in Europe, visiting lots of countries and sights. The only downside was how terribly cold it was! Almost every country was freezing and winter certainly came early this year with news of snow just before we left! Luckily we had enough winter stuff this trip and managed to keep quite warm. Unfortunately, wrapping myself up in my scarf resulted in some acne spots on my chin which is taking forever to go away! Does anyone know of any good and effective adult acne treatment? One would think I should not be getting anymore acne at this age!