Thursday, 22 May 2008

Elegant Pearls

I have a friend who's a really huge fan of pearls. She loves any form of pearl jewelry for their timeless elegance and ease of matching to anything she wears. She travels quite a lot too and I heard that she bought a lovely set of freshwater pearls the last time she was in Manila which is really famous for their pearls. I don't really wear much jewelry but I've also realised that pearls do go really well with some clothes I wear. Perhaps I should consider buying a set too.

Choosing Lights

I like how lights can really make a difference to a home. I've noticed that Asians tend to like flourescent lighting while Westerners prefer soft yellow lights in their home. Personally, I like soft lighting as it tends to make a home look nice and cozy. However, it is terrible to read with so a mix of lighting would probably be most suitable in a home.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Efficient Labs

I'm a huge fan of CSI and everytime I watch an episode I always come away terribly impressed by the efficiency and technology of their clinical laboratory service. From a tiny sample, they can run all kinds of tests to help them nab the perpetuator and as always there's a little twist to the end of the story. I wonder of our local laboratories have that same efficiency and effectiveness. I think we're still on the developing stage and hopefully someday we will achieve the standards of these US Labs.

Mandarina Duck Luggage

Have you heard of a luggage brand called Mandarina Duck? I first came across it in a credit card rewards booklet and was taken in by their cute name. I then saw a shop selling it in Pavilion and was impressed to see how beautiful their luggage pieces were. Unfortunately, good luggage brands such as these don't come cheap as one normal sized bag already retails for over a thousand. I would love to own one though if I could afford it.

Welfare States

I used to live in Melbourne and I find that these countries have a lot of facilities in place to help their people. They are termed as a welfare state and through high taxes, they manage to help people for example drug addicts by providing free drug rehab care and help. This is indeed good as it helps to clean up the society of negative influences and help these people get back on track to have a better life. I guess the downside are the high taxes the normal citizen has to bear.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Free Drugs in Amsterdam

Drugs are so easily available in the West. They are sold so freely over the counter such as Phentermine no prescription drugs or others. Amsterdam is well known for this freedom and people from all over head there to enjoy the freedom of drugs without any fear or persecution. I hope to visit Amsterdamn some day!