Friday, 29 April 2011

Backing Up Data

I never used to be very concerned with data backup as I always thought I didn't have much urgent things to back up anyway. However, I recently experienced a problem when my laptop died and I was unable to retrieve all my information inside! Worst, I thought I had lost all my photograph copies and had a major panic session! Now, I make sure I back up my data regularly, both through a online data backup programme and on an external hard disk. You can never be too sure!

Great Online Shopping

Shopping nowadays is becoming easier with the creation of online shopping sites. I know of people who hardly ever shop outside in physical stores anymore as they find much better deals online and love the convenience of their purchases delivered to their doorstep. Personally, what I like about online shopping is the plethora of reviews out there on sites such as click here which give non-biased reviews on products to help you make your decision. Here's to more great online shopping!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Forgetting Wedding Anniversary

I had a good laugh the other day when my friend told me how her dad got into trouble for forgetting his own wedding anniversary. Instead of having a nice dinner with her mom, he went out drinking with his friends instead! His efforts to send flowers next day were not compensation enough and he has to put up with outside food for the time being as his wife will not cook for him! Worse, he uses his wedding anniversary date as his password for everything! Somehow men and wedding anniversaries just don't gel! I don't understand why they can never remember the date!

Video Conferencing

One impressive thing my office has is a Halo video conferencing system that allows you to hold live video conferencing with people from other parts of the world. There is only one facility in this region and I was surprised to learn that some people actually come in all the way from KL just to use the facility. Perhaps they hold really important web conferencing type meetings that need to be done face-to-face, virtually. I've never tried it before but hope to have the chance to one day!

DH and his iMac

I never knew DH to be an Apple fan but when he saw a promotion for the iMac, it didn't take him long to click online to purchase it! The sweetener of the deal for him was the free epson printers that came with the iMac which did make it a very good deal overall. Needless to say, he's thrilled with his Mac and we now have a huge 27 inch screen sitting on our coffee table! It takes quite some time to learn how to use it as the Mac has no right click function. Perhaps we should look into purchasing Windows for Mac to make things easier.