Saturday, 24 October 2009

Legal Drama

I always enjoy watching legal dramas on TV. The lawyers argue so dramatically and eloquently that it is always a pleasure to observe them. Its really interesting as well to see the types of lawyers from accident lawyers, DUI lawyers and even Bronx medical malpractice lawyer. It seems like you will never run out of things to sue in the US!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Car Hypermarkets

Do you like car accessories? If you do, you'll love how some Western countries have huge car accessory showrooms just a short drive out of town. They're like car hypermarkets and most car related stuff can be bought there for less compared to the retail stores. I've been told that most husbands and boyfriends disappear there on weekends! You would too if you were a car maniac!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Security With A Price

Most condos now have high security features such as video surveillance equipment and guards to ensure security for their residents. However, it is sad to see that breakins and theft still happens despite the tight security. Sometimes, I believe it could be insider jobs or just poorly managed security staff who do not really care about doing their jobs well. It seems like the only way to get good security here is to pay for it by staying in premium properties. Funny how some things others take for granted in developed countries are so difficult to obtain here.

Healthy Days Gone

I used to be so healthy when it came to exercise. My uni days were the best. I actually got up early to go for morning walks in the track opposite my uni, went swimming with my friends and even aerobics classes before heading home! I even followed a friend to the gym once and tried my hand at a scary looking dip machine! Unfortunately those days are now gone and I much prefer to spend my time in front of the computer or TV! Hehe...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Need A Holiday!

Not too long ago, I went for an event and had my fortune read by a tarot card reader for fun. I took it all with a pinch of salt, naturally, but was surprised when one of my cards actually indicated that I should go on a holiday! I have been longing for a holiday for ages and I must say that this tarot card reading came in at a very timely moment! Now, does anyone have any good news of cheap places to go or perhaps good las vegas package deals? With airlines slashing their fares, I think this might finally be a good time to visit the US!

Job Security

It seems like no one's jobs are secure these days, not even in big and established multinationals such as ours. We recently heard that the whole IT business service section was being outsourced to IT providers such as Even people in the business are fearful for their jobs as jobs are getting moved to cheaper locations. It seems like its getting harder to make a living these days! Are you having the same in your own company?