Friday, 23 July 2010

Electronics Sales

We've been on the lookout for an electric blender or hand held blender for the past few weeks. I've been holding off buying any as I recall leaving one behind in KL. I'm not sure if my parents are using it but thought we could bring it down if they aren't. However, when I opened the newspapers this morning, I found that this weekend seems to be chock-a-block full of electronics sales! Some even offering unbeatable deals of only $1 for an electronic item! Hm...perhaps we should have stayed on this weekend and gone electronics shopping instead! :)

Short Trip Back

We're heading back to KL tonight and its going to be a pretty short trip with just the whole of Saturday to accomplish what we want to finish. There's so many things we need to do, including grocery shopping, that we were unable to fit in any facials or haircuts. Needless to say, I shouldn't even bother trying to get an appointment at my usual dermatologist! Guess all these will have to wait till our next trip back which will be longer!

Rain, rain and more rain

The weather here has been pretty bad of late. There have been lots of rains almost everyday and I think the recent 3 floods that happened have left Singaporeans reeling! Yesterday was another cold and dreary day where we hardly saw the sun and I couldn't wait to tuck into a steaming hot bowl of noodles for dinner to warm myself up. The Swedish brother in law, however, found the weather just nice for him! Then again, he lives in Australia and in countries where an indoor or outdoor fireplace is a norm, a little bit of rain and drop in tropical temperature can hardly compare to their winters!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Weight Loss Ads

I've heard that Gmail has this wonderful ability of picking up keywords in your emails and tailoring the advertisements you see to match those words. Well, I'm not sure what exactly its picking up from my mails because recently I've been bombarded by all kinds of weight loss product advertisements! I wonder if they are trying to send me a message that I should be thinking of losing some pounds or stop cooking and eating so much!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


DH has been quite sick even before he went off for his business trip. And he came back on Friday coughing terribly. He was so sick on his trip that he even lost the appetite to eat which says a lot considering how much he loves food! He has lost a few kg without any help from weight loss supplements and still hasn't regained much of his appetite. Hopefully he gets better soon with the doctor's medication.

Holiday Planning

I just realised that we have only 5 months to go before our planned family vacation and we still have no idea where we are headed! Its quite funny but it seems like the weakened Euro has changed our plans from Down South in New Zealand to Europe! We'd better sit to discuss where we should go after the brother's exams are over! Whatever it is, I'm pleased to be looking forward to a break after the busy time here.

Going Natural

Everyday it seems like new medical products are being found from plants and animals. I recently read in the papers about a new natural analgesic drug called cissus quadrangularis that was native to Asia especially in India. I tend to personally favour natural products these days as I do have concerns about putting too much chemicals into my body. While I'm not at the organic stage yet, I do try to reduce chemicals in our food and try to cook and eat whole foods as much as possible.