Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mustafa's in Little India

When sis was in town last weekend, we took her out to Mustafa's, one of the tourist icons of Singapore. Its a huge 6 storey store in Little India open for 24 hours and sells just about anything you can think of! The selections they have are really mind-boggling and they sell brands that I have never seen or heard of before! Even their best weight loss supplement products are mind-boggling with racks and racks of supplements and vitamins. Its definitely worth a visit if you're in Singapore. Quite an eye opener!

Make Up Choices

There's been a slew of creams hitting the market recently. First there was BB cream from Korea that was said to be excellent in hiding blemishes, scars and dark circles. Now, I've heard there's a new cream called msm cream! Women today are lucky to have so many choices of creams and make up to choose from. With all these choices today, is it no wonder then that Japanese women spend a minimum of an hour making up and will never be caught dead without their make up on?!

Anti-Aging Too Quickly

A teenager recently left a comment on my sis' website asking about wrinkle cream and anti-aging products. While its good that youngsters today are taking care of their skin with proper facial regimes, applying anti-aging at that tender age is definitely taking things too far! No thanks to our beauty industries that constantly promote youth, fairness and radiance out of bottles and lotions. Anti-aging creams are usually heavier in texture which can sometimes cause breakouts in young faces whose hormones are still stabilising. So while its good to be conscious, using anti-aging too early is definitely a no-no!

Losing Pregnancy Weight

My colleague at work is recently pregnant after trying for quite a while already. However, she had some complications in her early pregnancy months and was prescribed bed rest. Hence, she put on weight quite early into her pregnancy which people have been commenting on. She was quite affected by it and even asked my other colleagues who have had children before how to lose stomach fat fast. They told her instead to worry about delivering a healthy baby first which I agree! Although society places lots of emphasis on beauty and thinness, we should never compromise our baby's health for beauty.