Sunday, 28 June 2009


We went paintballing several weekends back and had a really good time. I was quite interested to know that there were many different type of scenarios one could play paintball in which resembled a real life battlefield. Some even had industrial equipment scattered over the area to act as props for the players to hid behind. Quite a fun but exhausting event!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Sale Season!

Its sale season once again all around the world! Judging from the advertisements in the newspapers, Malaysians are traveling all over the globe to take advantage of cheap travel fares and to enjoy mega sales in other countries. I recently saw advertisements for sales in Hong Kong, Bangkok and of course the Great Singapore Sale. It is a great time to be buying if you are looking for something cheap but not if you have a tight budget and are easily tempted!

Harajuku Fun

Have you ever been to Harajuku in Japan? What started off as a fun thing for young girls and boys to dress up as a French maid or other funky costumes has become a huge tourist attraction in Tokyo with people making their way there just to look at the creative and colorful costumes these youngsters come up with! Its amazing how they can create such costumes and have so much fun doing so. I think it is a bit of an escape route for them too, away from the stress of their studies.

Holiday Planning

I can't stop dreaming and planning holidays. Its a terrible thing because I can't take leave at the moment and long holidays are usually expensive! There are so many places in the world I would like to go but unlike J, I don't mind going back to places I enjoy and am familiar with. Some places just can't hold a candle to others and there is a certain thrill of returning to a familiar country to do what you love best there, be it shopping, eating or relaxing. Its tough when we can't even align our holiday interests!

Splurging At Warehouse Sales

We were at the Harvey Norman warehouse sale last weekend. We weren't really looking for anything but I noticed that they had very cheap electronics such as Mac memory upgrades, netbooks and all kinds of hardware for any computer fan. We were really tempted to pick up a wireless modem router but decided against it in the end when we were advised that it might be cheaper elsewhere. I do love warehouse sales but do be careful not to be caught up in an impulsive moment and splurge on things you might not need!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Australia Medicare Plan

I lived in Australia for 3 years and somehow now I can't help but compare the efficiency and cost of their public healthcare system to ours here. There, all we had to do was to purchase an annual Medicare supplement insurance plan for a nominal fee to ensure we are covered even in the event of hospitalisation. Any expenses we spent were easily claimable from their offices and I often got my claims back in less than an hour. The only grouse I had with their system was how medication was not covered so although I saved on consultation fees, I often had to fork out quite a bit for the prescription. I guess there are good and bad points in every medical system around the world.