Friday, 27 June 2008

Halloween Fun

Although Halloween is a few more months to go, it is never too late to start planning for your Halloween party! Halloween isn't celebrated on a big scale here but some people do plan big parties complete with Halloween invitations and trick or treat sweet bowls. Well, it's a good time to have fun for everyone especially the children!

High Travel Costs

The recent fuel hike has caused an inevitable hike in the price of air travel and holidays. I just read recently that our local airlines has decided to raise their fuel surcharge by 10% to 30%. is tough times that we're living in now. Makes me wonder if I should renew my passport!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Book Presents

I find myself shopping for little gifts for J's nieces now whenever I go out. Personally, I love giving them a children's book for their birthdays or Christmas as I'm sure the bright colours and interesting stories inside will really appeal to them and help them build their reading habit. The older niece loves listening to stories and I've lost count of the number of times I've had to read from a book over and over again to her! They're really quite sweet children and really bright as well!

Shopping Trip

I had a really great long weekend last weekend. Sis and I took off to Singapore to enjoy the Great Singapore sale and we truly had a fantastic time shopping. I was really quite shocked at the amount of money I blew on my things but was really pleased to see the haul of goodies I bought at the end of the trip. I've almost gotten everything I need for the wedding which is really good news!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Job Search

Some welfare state countries have a very good job hunting system for their unemployed. I used to see many unemployment offices in Australia which provide free internet for job searches, free or minimal fee training and all kinds of poster boards with job notices to help their people find a suitable job. A friend who went there managed to get a decent job quite quickly after looking through their IT job search pages. However, yet many prefer to go on the dole instead of working!

Honeymoon Destination

I recently bought a copy of the Vogue magazine to do some study, as requested by my wedding photographer! While flipping through the pages, I couldn't help but read a fantastic article on St. Barts villa rentals set on the picturesque beach with lapping deep blue waves. It looks really lovely and just the place for a great honeymoon! Unfortunately, the costs are way too expensive!

Checking Account

The way the Australian Dollar has been recently moving upwards is amazing. It is almost on parity with the USD now! In a way, I do regret closing my checking account there. I used to have one under student priviledges so it hardly costed anything to maintain it. If I had kept it open, I would have benefitted from the high interest rates and the money available for travel if I ever went back to Australia!