Friday, 28 November 2008

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

How's your holiday shopping coming along with just less than a month to go to Christmas? If you are looking for some wonderful Christmas gift ideas why not check out eBillMe, a great online site which allows you to pay easily and securely for a host of affordable and classy gifts for the men and women in your life! Their site is easy to browse and secure to shop on with lots of safety checkout features implemented in their online checkout counters. I have already seen a neat looking Cappucino machine gift I have just the perfect recipient for!

They are also running a cool contest where you can stand to win lots of attractive prizes, right in time for Christmas! So if you are still frantically looking for your Christmas gifts, do check out eBillMe before you hit the stores!

US Legal System

I didn't use to believe that the US is a very litigatious society until a friend went there for a visit and confirmed this. Apparently they have lawyers for everything and every sort of case there. From cerebral palsy lawyers to even family laywers representing young children who wish to sue against their parents! Isn't it amazing? Its a true haven for lawyers!

Discount Furniture Stores

Buying furniture is expensive in Malaysia. I remember seeing lots of discount furniture stores when I was a student in Australia where home owners can sell their furniture to should they wish to change their furniture. It's a great place to look for cheap deals if you aren't too fussy about the state of the furniture. Most of them have often been cleaned and restored. There should be stores like these available here but I'm not sure how well they might take off as Asians seem to have negative views about using second hand stuff.

Wall Street Collapse

The recent economic crisis has been terrible. Every day the papers are just full of people losing their jobs and of financial institutions collapsing. On a personal front, I just heard from my ex-colleague yesterday that his friend has been asked to leave his high-paying Wall Street job. Apparently, Wall Street bankers are leaving Wall Street in droves as they move to smaller towns for more job opportunities. I guess the people who have benefitted the most from this crisis are probably the New York movers!

More Christmas Ideas

Another great Christmas gift idea you could consider for the nature lover or the bird watcher in your family is a pair of high powered Nikon binoculars. Its high powered lenses will bring many hours of delight to the recipient of the gift and it'll be a gift that they'll treasure for years. It will be a wonderful gift right under the Christmas tree and I'm sure your family members will love it!

Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming in just a month's time. Have you started looking for a suitable gift for your loved one already? A friend recently bought some Victorinox swiss army watches to be given to her brother and husband as Christmas gifts. I think it makes a great gift especially if your relative or family members like watches. Happy Christmas shopping!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Regulated Pharmacies

The pharmacies overseas seem to be more highly regulated than our pharmacies here. Here, weight loss drugs such as Phentermine can sometimes be bought very easily over the counter although its benefits and side effects have not been proven before. These drugs should only be available with a prescription to avoid abuse by customers.

School Holidays

The school holidays are here and despite the global economic downturn, families still seem to be doing quite a bit of travel. A colleague of mine has already planned to take her children to the USA and to visit Las Vegas. She has even done all her bookings for her vegas hotel! I guess not everyone is affected by the crisis!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dangers of Credit Cards

The US has collapsed amidst a huge mound of subprime debt and credit card debt. However, on this side of the world, we are constantly badgered by sales people into making more credit card applications with the promise of all kinds of freebies. It can sometimes be tempting but mismanagement of a credit card can be very dangerous to your financials.

Online Library

I was pretty impressed to know that my company actually has a great library resource available online. It even allows up to 5 downloads of downloadable audio books from the library every month. I guess this is the distinction between an MNC and a smaller local company. They truly invest in building the employee.