Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Shopping For A Lamp

I've been looking for a nice table lamp for the entrance of our new place. My sis found some really nice ones on her last trip to Sarawak and it does give the house a nice touch. I wonder if I should try getting one from there or whether I should look elsewhere so our houses don't look too similar!

Giving Tires Grip

I remember the first time I saw tire chains. I had gone on a ski trip in the mountains with my friend and was really amused when we had to stop to attach chains onto the car tires so they wouldn't slip on the snowy and icy roads. It was truly an interesting experience for someone like me who has always grown up in the tropics.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Weighty Travel

Isn't it hard to lose weight when you're travelling? There's always so much new food to try and although some of them may be incredibly fattening or high caloric, it would be such a waste to not try them simply because you'll be there for just such a short period. Whatever happens, do try not to resort to taking diet pills despite claims of best diet pills as it may not be so beneficial for your health. Enjoy yourself on your holiday and work off those unwanted pounds later!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Overseas Driving

Driving overseas is a wonderful experience. The drivers on the road are so courteous and the road signs are so clear that it is hard to get lost. Driving overseas usually requires adequate car insurance and a valid driving license which most drivers would have. I would truly recommend doing that the next time you are travelling to experience the beauty of the country first hand.