Thursday, 31 July 2008

Property in Singapore

I recently went to Singapore and met up with a school friend who has moved there for work. While chatting with her, I was surprised to know that the condos in Singapore actually came partly furnished when a purchaser buys them! The developer provides the kitchen cabinets and even the kitchen faucets but the purchaser is free to install new and funkier ones if they wished. I only wish our property market here is as developed!

Breaking Out

I have been breaking out terribly and I recall that I didn't use to have as many breakouts when I was a student in Australia. It could have been because I was using a cream which was advertised by one of the best acne website. The cream I was using was good and it really helped to give me nice clear skin for a long while. Sigh, I hate breakouts :(

Friday, 25 July 2008

Cheap Wine

We have been checking out wine prices and are really surprised to see how expensive wine is here locally. Overseas, wine is available for really cheap prices especially if you go for their recommended wine of the month. It's such a pity that our local custom laws only allow 1 litre of liquor to be brought in!

Local Delights

One of my favourite parts about travel is sampling the local food. I simply love going into their local cafes to try the delicacies there and have tried some really fantastic food in some of the places that I have visited. Some of the best foods I've eaten don't have recipe and have been lovingly handed down from generations who keep mastering it! Sigh...I can't wait for my next holiday!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tower of London

When I last went to England, I got a chance to visit the Tower of London. It was really interesting especially when I saw the suit of armor they used to use in the olden days. It looked really heavy and some were tiny as they were meant for a child. I really wonder how they walked in those heavy metal suits in the olden days, what more fought in them!

Unique Advertising in Melbourne

When I was in Melbourne, I used to see this particular shop at the corner of Bourke Street who had a very interesting way of advertising their new pocket watches. They had a man who will stand outside with a sandwich board and hand out flyers to passerbys. I'm not sure how many customers they managed to attract but in this world of technology and high tech advertising, it was a rather refreshing change!

Monday, 7 July 2008

No Free Headphones

When I recently took a luxury coach down to Singapore, I was surprised to know that while they provided free onboard entertainment in the form of movies, headphones had to be purchased at the cost of RM5 each! I didn't bring any so I had to resign myself to watching silent movies which luckily there were some subtitles to. I think they should market themslves like airlines and provide those for free. After all, what's the cost of a headphone to them?

Coupons as Gifts

One thing useful about living overseas is the availability of coupons as gifts. When I was there, we usually didn't have to crack our heads so hard to think of a suitable gift for a friend as we could easily buy coupons which they could then use to purchase something they like. I recall how pleased one of my gym-mad friend was when we gave him some GNC coupons for his birthday. I think it'll be great if we could have similar systems here.

Sweet Baby Gift

My lunch buddy just delivered and I've been thinking really hard for some suitable baby gifts for her little daughter. My friend recently went to US and I got her help in buying some really pretty little girl dresses from there. They are really sweet, comfortable and the brand is not available locally. I really hope she likes them!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Bus for Sale

One thing I really like about traveling is seeing the different culture and way of life abroad. I recall being in UK once and picking up their local newspaper. All kinds of things for sale were advertised there from cherries to used items and what amused me most was a bus for sale! I wonder who would buy a bus from the classifieds!