Monday, 18 January 2010

Flat Bellies

I have to say that reducing belly fat is one of the hardest things to do! In any diet or exercise plan, chances are, the belly will see the slowest progress or results. This is perhaps due to the fat deposits around the belly which is supposed to protect your internal organs. Nevertheless, most of us still do want flat bellies...if you do know how, please care to share!

The Little Red Dot

DH brought back some Singapore newspapers for me and I have to say that it is really interesting seeing what foreign newspapers have. I was rather amused to see advertisements for belly fat burner products, slimming centres and hair loss treatments on every page! Singaporeans must be really obsessed about their looks to resort to all these treatments...either that or they're simply too flush with money and can afford to spend exorbitant sums on looking good!

Spots Gone

There's a famous dermatologist in town I went to see to get some top acne treatment for the spots that kept appearing on my face. He was really amazing! He just prescribed some antibiotics and a cleanser that cleared up my face after just a week of use! I'm supposed to see him for a follow up treatment but have not been able to get an appointment as he is so popular! I really have to take some time off this week to get it done so the acne doesn't come back.

Irresponsible Health Companies

I recently read an article which blamed the pharmaceutical companies for the recent H1N1 virus scare. Apparently they were responsible for creating the virus in their labs in a bid to improve sales of their vaccines. Not too long ago, I read another health article where health companies were reprimanded for selling hgh supplement tablets that were not yet fully tested. Unfortunately, as scary as it is, we're all victims of the huge medical companies!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Share Your Eye Cream

I seriously need the best eye cream in the market! I've never stayed up so late at work for a very long time already and all that is resulting in terrible eye bags and dark eyes for me! let me know if you have any good eye cream suggestions to share. I need to erase those dark eyebags to look human again!

Need A Holiday!!

This has been one of the worst months for me. I've had to stay up long nights at work just because of our year end close. It has been really exhausting and I sorely need a break before I start my new role in Singapore otherwise I'll be one burnt out person! I'm so desperate for a holiday that I've been surfing holiday sites, even las vegas hotels just to see if there are any good deals out there. Can't wait to go somewhere just to unwind!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Big Cheques

Did you know that social security disability in foreign countries can come up to a sizeable amount? A friend I know has a brother in law who has managed to buy a swanky piece of property in KL and uproot from Europe to live here just on his social security! At least in those cases, they see something out of their taxes!

Netbook or Phone

Will you use netbooks? My sis has a cute little netbook that she often brings along with her on trips. It does help to keep you connected on the go and provides the comfort of a proper screen and keyboard although it is rather tiny. However, as mobile phones now become more and more advanced, I wonder if they will take over the netbook fever instead! What do you think?