Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Herbal Cures

I recently read an article that Western doctors are turning towards traditional herbs now to cure diseases. I personally believe in the power of herbs such as irvingia and do believe that Chinese herbs can be beneficial in helping your body fight illnesses or build immunity. In fact, traditional chinese medicine here has become so popular that some insurance policies even cover treatments under these chinese medicine practitioners! I think thousands of years of research done by our ancestors can't all be wrong.

American Idol Finals

Its the American Idol finals tonight and I wonder who might win. Is it going to be Crystal or Lee? I personally think Crystal has been a more consistent singer compared to Lee who has been in the bottom few before. However, it is hard to say whether the winner will be determined by consistency or the final performance! What do you think? Sadly I don't think I'll be able to catch the results tomorrow as we'll be on our way home.


I used to know a Singaporean girl in Uni who was really skinny. She was so thin that she'll wear boy's jeans because ladies' jeans cut had some allowance for hips for which she had none. Thinking back now, I'm not sure if she was on any weight loss products as she never gave any curvatrim review or other weight loss product reviews. However, she used to have really strange diets where she will not eat dinner but eat only chocolate or white bread later and exercise lots in the gym. I wonder if she's still as thin. I think hers was a case that was probably bordering on anorexia or anorexia itself.

Cooking At Home

We've been cooking quite a bit since we came here. Ironically DH actually gets home earlier than me so he cooks dinner sometimes. His cooking style varies from mine drastically though so we sometimes get into arguments over whether garlic should be fried first or later! Nevertheless, it is still fun and cheaper to come back to healthy, home cooked meals instead of the MSG-laden food outside.

Skin Breaking Out

One thing that is highest on my priority list when I head back this weekend is to see my dermatologist! He has a horrific waiting queue in the mornings but I really don't have much choice as my skin has been breaking out since my supply of antibiotics finished two months ago. He often gives me some cleanser, toner and acne cream together with the antibiotics but I find that the most effective of all is his cleanser and antibiotics. When I'm on his treatment, my skin is hardly ever oily and I seem to be able to use all types of products. However, when I go off it, my skin tends to breakout. On a long term basis, I really hope it clears up so I can stop taking those antibiotics.

World Cup 2010

The World Cup in South Africa is just mere weeks away and sadly to get telecast for this, we will need to subscribe to a paying channel. Worse, there isn't any mamak here either for us to head to to watch the matches live. These are times when I really miss some elements of our lives back home. It just seems a little less complicated and sanitized! How will you be catching your football matches?

Law Practice

I really admire my dear old dad. He decided to take up a law degree after he retired and just 5 years down the road, he's almost finishing his chambering to be a full fledged lawyer already! I can't wait to attend his calling to the Bar! He has chosen to concentrate on the quieter conveyancing section instead of the busier litigation side which involves going to court. Luckily Malaysia's law is quite straightforward compared to the US law which has lawyers and Acts for just about anything including Gulf Coast Jones Act!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Taking Diet Pills

I used to run a review blog and sometimes got queries from companies offering me top diet pills to review and comment. I didn't use to be very keen on reviewing those as I don't really like to take diet pills and don't want to mislead my readers into thinking they are good or that they really work. I do have some concerns about the danger of diet pills and the ingredients they actually contain especially since they promise quick weight loss. Would you dare take them yourself?

Lunching With Strangers

My colleagues here are quite amusing. They actually arrange lunch appointments way ahead in advance and block your calendar way in advance to make sure you have it there. I used to only have one lunch partner back in KL and I have to say I really miss our lunches together. Its nice knowing for sure who you will have lunch with and being comfortable enough with each other to chat about anything instead of having to make small conversation each time with strangers. Its just my introverted nature, I think!

Quick Weight Loss

Would you be willing to do diet pill reviews if you were offered a chance to? I'm personally not sure if I would as most of the time, these pills are untested and who knows what ingredients they have that might be dangerous to one's health. It is never easy to lose weight but I think it should not be at the danger of one's health. Unfortunately, this competitive and instant world does not allow slow improvement of anything. Everything needs to be quick and fast!

Should We Go To NZ?

We have been planning a trip to NZ at the end of the year. However, just as I was going to start looking for trips, mom said that it might be a better idea to go somewhere else! Its funny but none of us seems very keen on NZ. Maybe because we haven't heard much about it, whether there are any good fruits or food to sample or fun things to do. All people seem to talk about when it comes to NZ is its scenery! And I guess after a while, a lake or a mountain is just yet another lake or mountain!