Friday, 26 February 2010


Interest rates plunged last year when the whole world faced an economic recession and many took advantage of the lower interest rates to refinance their vehicles or purchase cheaper rv financing. I'm also currently looking into cheaper interest rates for my housing loan and hope the bank will revert soon as to whether they are agreeable to my loan refinancing. Have you refinanced your loans?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hassle Free Hair

I went for a quick trim just before Chinese New Year but I think I might have to go for another trim before I head down south. It'll take some time to find a hairdresser there or for me to return to my hairdresser here so best to maintain an easy hairstyle with little risk of it looking terrible when it starts to grow out.

Condo Living

In a way I'm glad to be living in a condo without any balconies. In a condo, I don't have to worry about keeping a garden clean and trimmed, maintaining my patio furniture and running out to take in outdoor cushions everytime it rains. Instead, all I have to do is worry about cleaning the inside of the condo which will be even smaller after we move down to Singapore. Small pleasures!

Help For Hair Loss

I recently met an old friend I had not seen for quite some time already and was surprised to see that his hair was starting to thin. I think it must be all the work stress he has been going through. I did not think it was nice to ask if he was currently doing any hair loss prevention therapies but there are lots of treatments available in the market to help people with hair loss problems. In our corporate world and jobs, appearance is all key and not even men can afford to look unpolished.

Dermatologist Help

I should have started going to the dermatologist much earlier when I first had acne problems. I used to think my acne was related to the face cream I used and would be constantly changing creams as they will all result in breakouts after a while. Little did I know that a bout of antibiotics and treatments by the dermatologist were what I needed to have clear skin and to be able to use all kinds of face creams without worrying if it would cause me to break out! If only I had known this earlier, I would not have to contend with the acne scars I now have.

Eye Treatments

I was at the optometrist two days ago to get my eyes enhanced using the Lasik procedure. My eyesight had deteriorated badly recently due to the long hours at work with a computer and the doctor recommended doing an enhancement. While I was there, I saw a new eye treatment they were promoting called glucomannan. I don't really know what it is but it seems likely to be related to glaucoma. At least in these modern times, we have lots of treatments available for all kinds of eye related problems.

Quick Grow Vitamins

I had an ex-colleague who had a really large baby. His baby was so big that his wife could not deliver him naturally and had to have a C-Section done. Apparently, the baby's size was partly attributed to the prenatal vitamins the gynae had given his wife during her pregnancy! I never knew there were different types of vitamins and some which could cause a baby to grow so much!