Friday, 24 October 2008

Nice Desks

I recently saw some nice computer desks in Ikea. However, they were much too expensive and I don't really have a desktop computer at the moment so there wouldn't be much point in buying one. It was a nice wooden one though so I hope I see it again when I have bought my computer!

Lots of Construction

It's amazing to see the construction happening in KL. Everywhere there seems to be tower cranes and ball lock pins working at a frantic pace on tall apartment buildings and office blocks. It is quite a far change from the quiet city of Melbourne I used to live in.

Lay-by TVs

We've been looking around for a new TV for our new place. Unfortunately the sales are all over and this nice HDTV we were eyeing is back up on its unaffordable retail price! It's such a pity that we don't have the lay-by concept here which allows us to purchase expensive items for less by securing the price with a deposit!

Exercise Machines

I was chatting to some friends recently and we were laughing at how enthusiastic we usually are when it comes to exercising. So many of us start off all inspired and run out to buy some new exercise equipment only to have it double up as a clothes hanger after several months! It takes lots of motivation to keep going at exercise!

Shoe Shopping

Do you like shoes? I love looking at pretty shoes and although they sometimes cause me great discomfort, I've never been able to resist beautiful shoes. So, I was really pleased to see some Beautifeel shoes online that not only are beautiful but comfortable as well! Its time to go shoe shopping!

Monday, 13 October 2008

City Parks

Sometimes it's fun having a park around you. I noticed that some cities such as Singapore have lots of greenery and parks where children can run around, play with their rc helicopters and pets can gambole with delight. We definitely need more parks in our city.

Surpressing Appetites

I have some colleagues who are so weight conscious that they will resort to eating diet pills just to maintain their svelte shape. Some of them eat these pills then have a hearty meal as these pills are supposed to help reduce your appetite for good and rich food. Seeing how much they seem to eat and yet look thin, it does seem to be working!