Monday, 28 March 2011

Electronic Health Machines

A new centre dealing in electrostimulation machines has set up near my place. It operates machines that promote circulation in your body. All one needs to do is to place their feet on it for half hour and some have claimed significantly increased health benefits as a result. I've been giving it a try as they are running free trials for the first 15 sessions. I'll post more if it works on my bad circulation!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Really Strange Colleague

One of my colleagues is really odd. His shoe sole came off yesterday and when my other colleague asked when he'll be buying a new pair of shoes, he said he was on an austerity drive. That really surprised us as he actually comes from a wealthy family. Even odder was his reply when we asked why he was on an austerity drive - just for the sake of it! Gosh, even if you are on an austerity drive, there comes a time when shoes need to be changed because nothing lasts forever! And worse, we weren't even asking him to buy an expensive shoe like mbt shoes! He's really quite strange and funny at times.

Resume Update

I've just updated my resume and believe there are still lots of improvements I can make to it. It does seem a little too long and I believe I should cut it down further as ideal resumes are only two to three pages long especially if one is planning to go for management jobs where recruiters may not have much time to read a detailed resume. I think I need much further work on it tonight before I finalise and send it out to the head hunters.