Thursday, 22 January 2009

Celebrity Secrets

Do you find everyone obsessed about being thin nowadays? We are constantly bombarded with images of thin women and Hollywood stars who are svelte. We hear of their strict diets and scary exercise routines but for all we know, they could be secretly indulging in weight loss pills to ensure they remain slim!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New TV Technology

We've been looking for a TV and recently found some great promotions in the mall. The new technology for TVs nowadays are really impressive. Some models come equipped even with micro sd card slots so you can opt to watch your photos on your TV! It never ceases to amaze me how seamless technology and equipment have become.

Emergency Lighting

Would you install emergency lights in your home? My old house used to have emergency lighting for times when the electricity tripped but my current one does not. I don't think tripping happens often in a condo complex but it is a little hard to say and I'm wondering if I should get some installed. What do you think?

Car Expo

I'm not much of a car fan so I never understand car jargon. Recently, when I was in Singapore, I came across a car exhibition of all kinds of fancy cars. DH was keenly interested in them but I had no clue of what they were or whether a car had turbo or not! I guess I'm just a girly girl and not much of a car fan!

Losing Pregnancy Weight Quickly

My colleague who recently delivered returned from her maternity svelte and thin. I was really amazed and asked if she had been taking any diet supplements such as Leptovox. She said she did not and that her weight loss was solely from the stress of looking after her baby day and night! Gosh..I wonder which is an easier way to lose pregnancy weight!

Insurance Quotes Online

Did you know that you can get auto insurance quotes online in the US? If you're looking to insure your car and would like to obtain a comparison of quotes, simply go into the net to research them and you'll be surprised at the amount of information you can find. Some even include the contact details of their agents in your area so you can quickly get your insurance done. Insurance companies here should implement something similar. It will definitely save us a lot of time and hassle.

Returns Policy

Our stores here still have not caught on the concept of returns and exchanges, without questions asked. Often, we still have to explain ourselves when we want to return things. If they adopt the returns policy of the stores in the West, it will be easier to return gifts or presents which are sometimes not suitable such as sports gifts for a non-sporting fan or a electronic gadget for a non-tech fan.