Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rehab Centres

It never fails to amaze me how open the West is about drugs. Here, in Asia, where drug trafficking carries the ultimate death penalty, most rehab centres are supported by the Government or NGOs. However, in the US, rehab centres such as california rehabs offers excellent facilities for addicts undergoing rehabs. It is just like a luxurious hotel in the countryside with great accomodation, food and all round the clock care. It may be expensive but if it cures the problem, no money is too much to save your loved one.

Limitless Opportunities

Jobs are becoming more specialised these days in the competitive world we live in. 10 years ago, jobs such as professional blogger, wedding photographer and motorhome repair expert would have been non-existent as everyone pursued professional and safe careers such as medicine, law and accountancy. However, the world is a really flat world these days with the advancement of technology and the internet which has opened up limitless possibilities. It's great being young these days and being allowed to pursue your passion!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Barter For What You Want

Bartering is almost unheard of in our commercial society these days. But who knows, bartering may actually be a fast and convenient way for people to get what they want without spending money and getting rid of some of their items. In the interests of a sustainable planet some clever people have actually set up bartering sites such as to encourage people to barter for the things they want rather than buy them and add to the growing pile of junk everyone has. Don't you think its a great idea? I think it is and wouldn't mind checking it out myself!