Monday, 30 March 2009

Timber Floors

I love wood flooring. When I was living in Australia, I realised most of the houses there had wood flooring and some had inbuilt heaters underneath the floors. I find that it gives the house a really nice and warm feeling compared to tiled floors. Somday if I have my dream house its definitely going to have timber strip floorings :)

Detoxifying Process

I heard the late Princess Diana used to be fond of using colon cleanse products to help her detoxify and lose unwanted pounds. However, I can't imagine how it works and what an uncomfortable process it must be! It does seem to be catching on in UK and some other Asian countries like Japan however I haven't really come across many centres offering this treatment locally. Have you?

CineBus in Korea

I was busy most of the weekend watching a Korean drama series! One of the romantic things the guy in the movie did for his fiancee was to rent a CineBus which was a huge bus built like a travelling cinema with pop corn and home theater furniture! I wonder if such buses really exist in Korea. I would so love to see one and experience watching a movie in a moving bus!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Pets as Family

The trend to love pets like your family is slowly growing and lots of pet shops have recently sprung up offering all kinds of dog supplies and cat supplies. However, I believe we are still far away compared to the Western countries where animals are much loved and cared for.

Easy Shopping

Don't you love how shopping is now so easy with all merchandise equipped with barcodes? All you have to do is simply take them to the checkout and have the cashier scan them with a barcode scanner to finish your shopping. I still remember days when we had to shop with price tags and the stress if your shopping did not have a tag.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Hotel Rooms

Do you enjoy luxury hotel rooms? I do however when I travel on my own expense I can't bring myself to pay for those expensive rooms. When I was traveling for business, my boss used to book us into superb hotel rooms unfortunately we never had time to enjoy them. You really can't have the best of everything!