Sunday, 30 December 2007

Stay in Paris

Paris has always been known to be the most romantic city. I used to wonder why it was called such until I got the opportunity to pay a visit there. Just a short walk down the famous Champs Elysee with its warm lights on a cold night was enough to put romantic ideas into anyone's mind!

However, like all popular cities, Paris Hotels can be very expensive especially during popular seasons like summer or Christmas when tourists from all over Europe and the world descend into this city. I've heard that some Paris Hotels can even cost up to 500 Euros a night especially if you get one near the famous attractions in the city. So where should you head if you're a tourist and are looking for a decent priced Paris Hôtels? Short of asking a Frenchman to guide you to a reasonable París Hoteles, try booking online with to get the best deals in town! Viva la Paris!

Friday, 28 December 2007

Greener Earth

Sometimes when I look around our country, I realise how inadequate we are in trying to save the Earth. There are hardly any recycling centres around and people here don't believe in using second hand items. This is so different from the Western countries such as US or Germany. There, recycling is constantly emphasized and some business even sell used electronic items which have been serviced and are running well again such as used cisco products. We should learn from them how to make the Earth a better place.

Own Luggage

Can you believe that for someone who has traveled quite extensively, I don't own a proper suitcase? Heh..I guess I was lucky because whenever we traveled as a family, my parents always had a spare Samsonite suitcase for me to use and whenever I traveled alone, I could always borrow one from my siblings or parents. However, I think it's time I started looking around for my own luggage. Perhaps I'll get a Samsonite luggage case in the next sale. It should come in handy for our UK trip next March.

Hotel Souvenirs

Are you a collector of hotel souvenirs? One of my colleagues who is an avid business traveller has amassed a huge collection of promotional pens that hotels normally give their guests in the rooms. He says it's useful to have them around the place whenever he needs them. However, I do wonder if there's a need to have so many of them! I sometimes do take pens as well but I usually take only those from the good hotels as I find that they write better and last longer compared to the cheaper ones from cheaper hotels. Whatever it is, just ensure that you take only the complimentary items!

Holidaying with Insurance

I recently met a friend whom I hadn't seen in a while and found that she had quit her job and was now selling term life insurance policies. She told me that it was tough initially to convince people to allow her to make a term life insurance quote for them but over time, as people began to trust her, her business slowly grew and now she's enjoying lots of free holidays all around the world from her insurance company. She has been on 5-star holidays to US, Japan and so many other countries! While I'm glad for her, I'm not sure if I can do the same kind of business.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Outdoor Enthusiasts

A friend and her boyfriend are serious outdoor people. They love hopping into their truck and taking it out to the jungle for a bit of off roading adventure or throwing their mountain bicycles at the back for a fun ride through the jungle path. They would really invest, as well, in truck accessories to ensure their truck has all the necessary equipment and gadgets to complement their outdoor lifestyle! This is so unlike couch potato me!

Lost Charger

I seem to have lost my camera charger cable. I remember passing it to Mom to charge the camera before they left on their trip to Cambodia but now it is nowhere to be found and my digital camera battery is starting to run into the red! I had better go home and look harder for it. I can’t afford to have my camera battery dying on me without any charger!

Good Hotel Deals

A colleague has just returned from a trip to the US. Over lunch, she was regaling us with tales of her fun trip across the US which included Las Vegas and the San Francisco area. She gave us the name of the Vegas hotel she stayed in and told us to give the hotel a call or drop them an email if any of us wanted to go there. Apparently they gave her a really good package throughout her stay and treated her very well. It does pay to keep little nuggets of information like these! You never know when they might come in handy!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Running a Business

A good friend has recently quit her job to pursue her passion in designing and selling clothes. This being the technology age, she has decided to take her store one step further by having an online store as well so she can secure a customer base from all over the world. She did lots of research before she embarked on her online store project. The first thing she did was to get a safe and secure software for her site and she was very happy to find it in Ashop Commerce. They provide a great shopping cart software that’s fantastic for small to medium businesses as it is flexible, reliable and very easily customizable and easy to use. It comes with lots of added features such as hosting, unlimited emails and full tech support which is so important when one is trying to run a business on a limited budget. It’s a great software and definitely one I’ll consider if I was running my own business.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Help for Students

I’ve recently been seeing a new form of help available for students of all levels. It comes in the form of essay help where they can get their custom papers written for them for a fee. It promises uniquely written essays without any risk of plagiarism. I do wonder how many students make use of this service. While it’s a lot easier to buy essay work, it does take away the experience of being a student.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Shop Easily

I love Facebook! I recently found some long lost friends on Facebook, friends whom I haven’t seen in more than 3 years. It turns out that many of them decided to stay on and build a life in Australia after our graduation and some were happily settled down there already with their own families. I also found out that one of my old friends actually set up her own online business selling lovely hand made crocheted items such as baby shawls, scarves and others. I was quite surprised as she wasn’t very IT savvy in Uni but she told me that she found a fantastic shopping cart software programme that provided her a great edge and boost to her business. It organized her site into an easy to use format and the interface made it really easy for her to add any new products that she had. Plus, the secure and easy to use feature actually boosted her sales as customers who loved her products and sites made many return visits. I’m really glad that she found something that allowed her to work from home as well! That would be my ultimate dream!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Own Bed is Best

Sometimes although travelling all the time sounds glamorous, it does come with its cons as well. One of them includes not having the luxury of sleeping in my own comfortable bed. Luckily most of the time, I travel and stay in pretty good hotels so I don’t usually have a problem with the spring or foam mattress they provide. However, some older or cheaper hotels have really bad mattresses that are all saggy and soft and can make sleeping on them a real nightmare! After all that travelling, nothing really beats the comfort of my own bed!

Lovely Fittings

I recently went to London for work. Although we had some hectic days, I was really glad I found some time to visit an old friend of mine in his new place. He gave me a tour of his little flat he was sharing with two other people and I was really impressed to see the lovely fittings it came with. He had splurged on nice luxury home décor items such as a Bose home theater, Brabantia dustbins and a set of Henkel knives. I’d love to have a place like that too!