Saturday, 29 August 2009

Upgrading Skills

DH was telling me that one of his friend in Singapore is actually back to studying again to upgrade her skills in the recent recession. Apparently she used to be an Arts student but is now studying Science, fully sponsored by the Government! I was amazed at how flexible the Government was in allowing people to study things that are so diverse but I guess they are trying to improve the country's talent. It's interesting indeed. Maybe someday I can consider joining medical assistant training school!

Best Disneyland

We met up with some friends last weekend for dinner. Two of them studied in US before and were telling us that we should consider going on orlando vacations some time because Disney World there is simply excellent! Apparently no other Disneyland in the world can come close to the original one. Its very tempting indeed but gosh, what a long way to go to the US!

When Am I Moving?

Everyone has been asking me when I'll move down south. Surprisingly, that answer is rather hard to answer as I don't have any definite timeline for the moment. I spent most of today clearing up the house and realised that it'll be a huge headache to move things down. I guess we'll have to call some freight forwarders and I'm not sure how much that will cost. Thank goodness it isn't too far otherwise we might have to call long distance movers instead and I know those are definitely expensive.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Plasma TV

When we bought our plasma TV, we were considering installing plasma mounts to place the TV on the wall to give the place a streamlined look. While it was a nice idea, we later found out that the cost to install a fake wall to hide the mounts was way above our budget. Hence, we opted back for the standard TV cabinet style of TV display. Who knows, maybe someday in my future home I can finally have plasma mounts!


We were driving back today when we saw an accident happen right in front of our eyes. A taxi crashed into the back of a car and it seemed pretty bad. The taxi's bonnet was dented and I'm sure it'll cost him quite a lot to repair it. However, both parties seemed to be settling it when we drove past. Looks like they would not be needing a Tacoma car accident lawyer to help them settle their problems!

Long Term Acne Solutions

Acne is supposed to be something only teenagers worry about. Well, I don't know whether its hormonal but I get the occasional flare ups which often sends me scurrying for get rid of acne solutions! My skin is really strange. It behaves itself for a while only to flare again and usually before an event I have to attend or a dinner! I wish there was a way to cure it once and for all!

Wedding Display

I attended a wedding with some blogger friends recently and it was really fun! What surprised us during the wedding was how the creative couple managed to create a cardboard display of themselves from their pre-wedding photos! It was really livelike and quite a crowd puller during the cocktail reception. Some guests were even taking photographs with it as if they were celebrities! Hehe..the things people do for their weddings!

Car Wash

I haven't washed my car in ages! I just drove it earlier and found that the car mats were full of dirt and dust! That's where staying in an apartment becomes difficult as we don't have any area to wash the cars and usually end up having to send it out to the nearest petrol kiosk. Maybe I should do that this week since I don't have any plans. Where do you usually wash your car?

Desktops For The Home

We were contemplating buying a desktop this year for our home instead of a laptop. Personally, I find desktops much easier to use when there is an external mouse. However, it got postponed, just like everything else which was good in a sense as we might be moving south soon where desktops are much cheaper!

Welcoming Baby!

You know times have changed when you start getting more invites for friend's baby shower instead of weddings! Just last year alone, I attended at least 3 baby showers and while it was fun, it was a reminder of how we are all moving along in life towards different chapters. Baby showers are a bit of a western concept but many of my friends have started embracing it! Would you hold one too? I think I would definitely love one with my close friends! :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ipod Craze

I visited my friend in Singapore last year and she told me how Singaporeans absolutely cannot live without their ipods! They use them everywhere, on the bus, trains and even when walking on the streets. I'm not much of a music fan so perhaps I don't really get what the thrill about ipods are all about. I can't imagine listening to music almost the whole day, can you?! Perhaps when I'm down there myself I'll finally understand what the whole ipod craze is about!

Improved Ads

Sometimes I find our local ads quite funny. There definitely is a vast improvement from the ads I used to see when I was growing up. Back then, they never seemed as funny or good as the ones I saw in foreign countries. Thankfully, they are much funnier and better produced now otherwise watching telly would be such a bore! Speaking of which, have you seen the latest Kit Kat ad where the guy uses his mouth as barcode scanners instead of a machine? Quite hilarious!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Expense Of Profits

The H1N1 scare has really escalated worldwide with even deaths reported here now. I don't understand why so many new diseases seem to be coming up in these recent years. There have been new diseases such as mesothelioma which affects adults and children and can be deadly if untreated. Some think it is a conspiracy by the vaccine companies. I'm not sure but if it is really the case, I think it is extremely cruel to make profits at the expense of human lives.

Riding As A Hobby

I have been considering doing something different for some change in my life. DH suggested to take up riding which I'm still mulling over. Riding lessons are expensive here and so is the equipment that comes with it. A friend used to do riding and she used to tell me her breeches alone already costed a few hundred dollars! I guess it is still considered an elite sport and hobby here which is why lessons and equipment are expensive. In countries like Australia where riding is very common, riding specialised stores are easily found everywhere.

Detoxifying and Cleansing

I was reading a local health magazine recently which had some interesting colon cleanse reviews. However, many years before this became popular here, I used to read about it in Australia and UK where it was commonly practised especially by the rich and famous in their attempts to detoxify. Personally, I find it a rather radical form of health treatment and I'm not sure if I would consider trying it out! I think there are other more comfortable ways of detoxifying.

Need Acne Treatment

Help! I need the best acne treatment available! I have been getting large pimples recently and I have a wedding to attend this weekend. It has reduced a little with various treatments I have been using but its still big and ugly :( Sigh...I don't know why I'm still getting spots at this age! I used to think it was a teenage thing! I used to use a really good product called Neostrata when I was in Australia which kept my skin under control. However, I don't seem to find a similar product here. Anyone have any recommendations?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Efficient Insurance Claims

Any form of insurance is good but sometimes claiming under the insurance can be very difficult especially if the companies are picky about details. However, some good companies like Allsup does a great job with claims relating to disability insurance. They have a very succesful 98% success rate with their policy holders which is good as people with disabilities usually require the money quickly for their treatment. I wonder when we will ever have something like this here!