Friday, 29 May 2009

Renewing Insurance

I can never remember when my auto insurance falls due and usually scramble last minute to get it renewed to avoid getting penalties. I wish there was an easier way we could renew our auto insurance online so I can do it at my own convenience at my desk! Someone should seriously look into this!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Health Plans

The health plans overseas are remarkable. When I was studying abroad, I used to be boggled by all the health plans available from Blue Advantage to Medicare. However, it seems like we're jumping on the same bandwagon locally with lots of health plans being pushed by all kinds of health companies. However, do check the terms properly before you sign up.

Food During Training

We've been having training in a local hotel over the past 3 days. One good or bad thing about training is the amount of food we're fed! Up to 5 meals a day with 2 tea breaks within hours of the main meals! At this rate I'm going, I'll need Phenphedrine soon!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Battle To Be Thin

I was reading the Singapore papers and was shocked to read that there has yet been another diet pill scandal there. The government has advised for people not to buy diet pills and for those who have bought them to return the unfinished pills as it might cause liver damage. Sometimes its scary to read what people are willing to forsake just to be thin.

Owning A Handphone

I was first studying abroad when handphones started becoming more common. My friends then almost all had handphones which usually came with a Bluetooth headset. I used to find it quite funny to see people walking around looking like they were talking to themselves when they were actually speaking into their headsets. However, it looks like I have now joined them as handphones are practically a necessity rather than a luxury now!