Sunday, 5 August 2007

Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is located along the Esplanade on Penang Island. It's a square where all kinds of hawkers converge to sell their wares. While some scoff at it and call it a tourist destination, some locals can still be found enjoying the good food there. Some of the best rojak I've tasted in Penang is found there and great char kuey teow too from a wizened old man who will tell you to wait if you want to eat his kuey teow!

There's a drinks system in place in Gurney Drive. The drinks owners own the tables and chairs surrounding their stalls so while you're free to sit anywhere, you'll need to order the drinks from that stall whom the tables and chairs belong to! The hawkers can be pretty aggressive especially if you wish to opt for no drinks.

It seems like the consumer doesn't have much rights there!

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