Friday, 24 August 2007

Visa-ed with nowhere to go

I was asked to bring my passport to work on Monday so it could be sent for visa processing at two different embassies. It's almost been a week and my passport is still not back which worries me a little not to mention the pain at having pages wasted simply for many visas, of which most of them are single-entry visas. One of them was a Chinese visa and I'm slowly accumulating their visas by the bucketloads because all we could apply for was the single and double entry ones which get used up even when you stop there for a transit beyond 6 hours!

I was then told that there's no need for me to travel in these next two weeks after all. So now I'm all visa-ed, several pages less with nowhere to go. It's a pain sometimes!

And if China wants a smooth transition for their Olympics next year, they really should do away with their visa requirements. Otherwise the queues at the airport will be crazy!

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