Saturday, 15 September 2007

Get Your Tickets with Viagogo

I’ll be heading off to the UK and hopefully, Europe, early next year. So far the itinerary’s looking quite open and we’re still wondering what activities to indulge ourselves in while we’re there. One thing I really hope to catch is a performance by one of my favourite singers, Michael Buble. I was surfing around, looking for tickets and found a great site called Viagogo which is one of the leading ticket hubs in Europe which had Michael Buble Concert Tickets all over England! I could have the option of watching him in Nottingham, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Cardiff, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester or London. I’ll probably opt for the London one which will be held in Wembley Stadium as it will be closest to where I’ll be. My brother was also pleased to see that they had a huge range of Sports Tickets for the famous 2008 UEFA Football Match.

Viagogo is a novel site that brings together buyers and sellers of tickets from all over Europe. This gives hope to some of us who may be trying to get tickets for a popular concert, football match or theatre show that has been sold out. You have the option of looking for tickets at different prices, if you’re a buyer or selling your tickets for a decent price, if you’re a seller. I think it’s a great site for last minute travelers such as me who may decide to catch a concert or show on a whim. So if you’re headed over to Europe, don’t forget to check Viagogo before you go!

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