Friday, 14 September 2007

Pain Relief When Travelling

Whenever we travel, we always make sure we pack a small kit of emergency medication for unwanted mishaps that might happen during our trip. Small things like Panadol or aspirin can be incredibly difficult to find in some smaller Third World countries and sometimes language barriers make buying medication from the pharmacies very difficult. We always ensure that we also pack a tube of Voltaren Emulgel as well whenever we travel. It’s a rub-in pain formula that provides fast relief from muscle and joint aches. It also works very well for sprains which came in very useful once when I was white-water rafting in Australia.

It contains an active ingredient called diclofenac which provides fast pain relief. Apparently the chemical can be harmful if ingested so do ensure that you keep it in a safe place away from children or pets. So, always ensure that you pack a little first aid kit before you travel filled with essentials like aspirin and pain relief medication or creams. Take a lesson from the Boy Scouts, always be prepared!

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