Monday, 10 September 2007

Singapore Stint

I was in Singapore for a day trip last week. I don't really like day trips as they often work out pretty tiring with most of the time wasted on flying. However, for nearby places such as Singapore it works out okay as opposed to staying overnight there.

I like taking Singapore Airlines for these shuttle flights because they're the only airline I know that serves pink guava juice! One of my favourites! The flight was quite cold and they were quite nice about handing out blankets and pillows to those who needed them despite it just being a short hour-long flight.

In marked contrast, the Malaysia Airlines flight I took for the return was terribly hot and chaotic. It was a very full flight and for some reason, no one checked in their luggage so the whole plane was full of people trying to stuff their luggages into already crowded overhead compartments and holding up the queue of people trying to board. When asked, I was told that the airconditioning couldn't be turned on unless the engines were turned on! What a ridiculous excuse!

What a marked difference in flights. It makes me ashamed at times.

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