Monday, 3 September 2007

Use Public Transport

It always pays to be extra careful whenever you are in a foreign country and intend to drive on their roads. A friend was on holiday in the US recently and chose to rent a car although he wasn’t familiar with the left-hand drive system there. He met with a minor accident with a parked car when he misjudged the direction of traffic. Unfortunately for him, the car owner was standing nearby and when he saw the car, he got incensed and started beating my friend up over a very minor dent although my friend was willing to pay the damages. Some passerbys heard the commotion and managed to help him but he’s decided to pursue the case with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer as he felt that the other man didn’t have the right to beat him up that way especially after he had offered to pay for damages. I think he’ll have quite a strong case but I still think it’s always better to stick to public transport in unfamiliar countries.

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