Wednesday, 10 October 2007

PPP Rocks!

Don’t you love PPP? I do! It’s the best blog advertising out there in the marketplace. There was a stage when my opportunities were decreasing with them as they started limiting blogspot opportunities to only two a day and segmenting the opportunities mainly for dotcoms or those who reside in the US. However, in the past month, they’ve very generously increased the blogspot opportunities back to three a day. Recently too I’ve started getting a bit more opportunities for my blogspot accounts if I make the effort to stay up or wake up early to get them. There are lots of people earning huge five figure payments from PPP which is just an indication of how generous they are with their payouts and opportunities! I’m nowhere close to that but any additional amount I can earn is very welcome indeed!

So what have I done with my earnings so far? I’ve taken out quite a sizeable chunk to buy me my first designer bag for my birthday this year! And because I had my PPP money, I was able to afford another designer bag when another one caught my fancy in Singapore just a month after buying the first one! I’m bad but without my PPP money I wouldn’t have my bags so here’s a big thank you to PPP!

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