Sunday, 11 November 2007

Help for my holiday fund

I’ve been longing for a nice holiday recently. Unfortunately nice holidays come with a steep price tag as well especially with the recent rising prices of fuel and air travel. My few trips overseas this year has made me realise how expensive an economy class ticket to somewhere like Europe can be. We’re supposed to be going to UK next year but I’ve been getting really tempted by the summer sales in Hong Kong, especially since I’m in dire need of a new wardrobe.

A friend suggested that I try taking a payday loan which according to her is really easy to get. It’s Faxless Payday Loans so the administrative process is a lot shorter and less complicated. She said the money is deposited into the bank account of your choice very quickly and you can repay them from the same bank account at an agreed upon date. While I guess that option will help me tide over a holiday, I think I’ll personally prefer to use my savings for it instead of getting myself into more debt.

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