Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Shop Easily

I love Facebook! I recently found some long lost friends on Facebook, friends whom I haven’t seen in more than 3 years. It turns out that many of them decided to stay on and build a life in Australia after our graduation and some were happily settled down there already with their own families. I also found out that one of my old friends actually set up her own online business selling lovely hand made crocheted items such as baby shawls, scarves and others. I was quite surprised as she wasn’t very IT savvy in Uni but she told me that she found a fantastic shopping cart software programme that provided her a great edge and boost to her business. It organized her site into an easy to use format and the interface made it really easy for her to add any new products that she had. Plus, the secure and easy to use feature actually boosted her sales as customers who loved her products and sites made many return visits. I’m really glad that she found something that allowed her to work from home as well! That would be my ultimate dream!

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