Monday, 4 February 2008

Holiday for Less

I once read a travel article about how some people save on accommodation when they travel by booking holiday homes instead of hotels. One of my relatives actually did this when they went to San Diego for their annual holiday. He did some research online and found some San Diego Real Estate available at prices were were much lower than hotel rates. They also found that it provided them more flexibility as the houses usually came with many bedrooms for his large family and a kitchen where they could cook simple meals. That way, they actually managed to save quite a bit on food as well as fresh food as easily available and much cheaper than eating out. The San Diego Beach House he rented came with lots of flexibility in rates and prices and he found lots of other San Diego weekly rentals available while he was searching for his holiday home. I think it's a good idea to look for those sometimes for a change instead of the impersonal and expensive hotels.

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