Friday, 28 November 2008

Discount Furniture Stores

Buying furniture is expensive in Malaysia. I remember seeing lots of discount furniture stores when I was a student in Australia where home owners can sell their furniture to should they wish to change their furniture. It's a great place to look for cheap deals if you aren't too fussy about the state of the furniture. Most of them have often been cleaned and restored. There should be stores like these available here but I'm not sure how well they might take off as Asians seem to have negative views about using second hand stuff.


stephen said...

Metroloft offers Loft and Dorm discount furniture store in cool unique modern design for decorating your home.

zane said...

Casamodern has a wide selection of modern Furniture Retail Store in Bangalore

Bob said...

Here is some discount furniture and this furniture site features a huge selection of wrought iron furniture, bar stools, outdoor patio furniture, indoor patio furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, kids bedroom furniture, childrens furniture, bunk beds and discount furniture.