Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Save on Your Wedding

I'm heading off in almost one month to attend a long lost Uni friend's wedding in the beautiful island of Mauritius. She's marrying an American and coming back all the way to do her traditional wedding. She asked me for some advise since I had married less than 2 years ago and one thing I told her was to save on anything she could save on the wedding and spend it on a better honeymoon instead! Seriously, that is what I would advise most couples. Its easy to get carried away with lots of fresh flowers, beautiful personalised bridesmaid gifts and expensive wedding favours. Sure they add some charm to your wedding but at the end of the day, your guests will not remember them and worse might end up throwing away your carefully thought of wedding favors. So do yourself and your bank account a favour and save what you can on your wedding to benefit yourselves instead through a nice honeymoon or a nice home!

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