Thursday, 12 July 2007

Taking the Bus in KL

I've taken the bus down to Singapore on several occasions before. Most times it involved me having to take the bus from Pudu which, I have to admit, is a terrible experience.

Previously, as I took the midnight bus with J, we ended up having to go to Pudu late at night which made me rather worried as there are always a lot of riff-raff hanging around there. Inside Pudu, it's quite safe, I guess, as it's sufficiently lit although you should always be aware of pickpockets and thieves waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a quick buck. What I can't stand about Pudu is the dirt and grime all around. I think that place has never been cleaned since it was built!

From the main station, you have to make your way down a rickety iron stairs to where the buses are to board them. That place is another grime-infested place from the bus exhausts and filled with fumes as the buses arrive and depart. The stairs is a hazard as they are rather narrow and not very stable. I don't know how old people manage their way up and down those steps.

I wonder why we can't have a better bus station! It's quite a shame to have something like Pudu in the middle of our so-called swanky city with its Twin Towers and all. What an impression we must be giving tourists for Visit Malaysia Year 2007! We should try to cater not only for the rich tourists but for the backpackers as well. After all, if traveling in some of their countries are such a breeze, why not ours?

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