Thursday, 12 July 2007

Johannesburg Jaunt

I used to have a friend who was crazy about travel. He was a lot more passionate about travel than I was and would go on an overseas holiday at least 3 to 4 times a year. One of his favourite destinations was always Johannesburg and he would always tell me his travel adventure stories of how much fun it was riding in the safari. I was curious to know where he used to stay as we weren’t earning that much then and I found out that he used to get very reasonably priced Sandton Hotels to put up in. It was merely a short drive from Johannesburg and they didn’t mind the drive as there was always lots to look out for along the way.

Sandton City boasts of the largest non-metropolitan shopping centres in the Southern Hemisphere and has an eclectic mix of formal stores alongside the local crafts and works of the local artists. There are lots of Hotels in Sandton that are dotted around the shopping centre but if you prefer something a little quieter, you have lots of choices too from 5 star luxury accommodation to budget hotels which are really quite affordable! Maybe it’s time I consider a holiday there too to see what beauty Johannesburg has to offer!

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