Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Adventure Weekend

I had an adventure weekend last weekend with caving, flying fox and white water rafting! We did it in Gopeng, Perak and it was a truly amazing experience, especially since I'm really unfit and hardly exercise!

The caving was scary at some points as we had to use ropes to pull ourselves up the wall or chains to help us come down. I was really terrified initially and the guide had to talk me down the wall when we were coming down. It involved having to feel for footholds with your feet while leaning back so you can "walk" your feet down the wall! All these in semi-darkness!

The flying fox at the mid-point of the cave looked really scary initially but when we were on it, it didn't feel that bad. I think the scariest point was making yourself walk backwards off the edge so it could swing you down!

The best point was of course, the white water rafting! It was tremendous fun although we all got really wet with freezing cold river water! Some of the rapids were really huge and so much fun to shoot over! A wonderful combination of nervousness and exhilaration each time we were poised over the rapid, ready to shoot down!

Will I do it again? You bet I would! ;)

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