Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Help for Online Merchants

A friend of mine runs a travel centre and sells outdoor gear along the side. I love going to his travel centre as he does fantastic deals on scuba diving trips, beach trips or adventure white water rafting trips. Recently he started introducing online sales with great discounts and it took off in a great way as his sales rocketed. It started getting a bit too much to handle at one point and I told him he should seriously consider getting a good shopping cart software such as Ashop Commerce.

It’s a leading provider of shopping cart software which helps merchants sell online. It provides a complete solution for online merchants through their ecommerce software which allows buyers to shop using a virtual shopping cart through the transactions. It helps the merchant to also keep track of what’s been bought and how those items have been paid for and when so it’ll make his delivery much easier. My friend signed up for Ashop without hesitation and he’s really happy with their service now. In fact, he’s doing so well with online sales with his new shopping cart software that he’s considering doing it full time now!

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