Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Shop Till I Drop!

There have been some promises made recently at work to allow me to do a short stint in London for a couple of months. I was pretty excited to hear that as London is one of my favourite cities in the world! It’s a true shopping mecca for shopaholics like me who enjoy peering into high end stores such as Harrods or digging around in second-hand stuff in Portobello. I’ve only ever been to London twice. The first time we went, we were really shocked to see the prices of hotels there. The second time, however, we were smarter and found a nice cheap London Hotel which wasn’t too far from the sights. That way, we did save quite a bit which only meant more shopping!

Hopefully if I’m based there for a while, I’ll have the opportunity to visit other cities in the UK such as Manchester or Birmingham, which I’ve heard, are just as great for shopping. The problem about not having any relatives or friends in those places means I’ll need to look for hotels. However, with lots of great accommodation sites now, finding a nice, reasonably priced and well-reommended Manchester Hotel and Birmingham Hotel wouldn’t be much trouble at all. I don’t mind saving a little on accommodation if it means being able to shop in Manchester, the retail capital of the North West or the popular Bullring in Birmingham. Yippee…shopping galore, here I come!

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