Thursday, 20 September 2007

Much Shorter Route

Continuing from my last post, what do you think is the shortest route to West Africa? Well, when I had to make a trip there 2 years ago, we took an unconventional route.

Most of my colleagues who had to travel there always took the Paris route which was long as a flight to Paris was already 13 hours added with another 7 hours down to West Africa. So, when we went, my boss at that time opted to try going via Kenya on Kenya Airways. It was a much better flight as it broke the journey up into two flights of approximately 8+ hours each and we arrived in West Africa around noon.That gave us enough time to catch a full night's sleep before the day started the next day.

On our way home, we had a 12 hour transit in Kenya but that was great fun as the airlines had provided a hotel room in a swanky hotel which we didn't get to use much as we were too busy going on a short safari in Nairobi! That was truly quite a memorable trip for me and someday I'll definitely wish to return to South Africa for a proper safari on the Serengeti Plains.

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