Monday, 24 September 2007

Shopping Cart Software

When I was traveling last month to UK, I happened to be seated next to a man who was constantly working on his laptop all throughout the flight. Curious as to what he was doing with such intent, I asked him what he was working on. It turned out that he was an entrepreneur who owned his own online store selling all kinds of designer gowns at knock down prices. He promised me they were original and he managed to sell them cheaper as he had a cheaper source of getting them. He was trying to revamp his site on the long flight and installing a new shopping cart feature on his site to make it even easier for his buyers to shop online now. He told me that this new software he found makes it so easy for him to build a highly professional, user-friendly and secure site for just a low monthly fee. It integrates all major payment sources, from banks to gateways and even Paypal so it makes it easier for his customers to shop at his site. I came away rather impressed with his site and ended up being very tempted by some of the dresses there!

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