Thursday, 15 November 2007

Christmas Ideas

I’ve been cracking my head at what gift to get the bf for Christmas. It’s never easy buying gifts for guys as they have such a limited choice! Unlike women who have so many options to choose from, from jewellery to clothes and spas, the choice is limitless! For guys, they only have clothes or electronic accessories or for that occasional metrosexual guy, some bling to spice up their wardrobe!

I was doing some surfing online for gift ideas when I recalled a site I used to go to while in Australia. It was called and had a whole host of discounted branded sunglasses ranging from Gucci to Dior. It was a pity I couldn’t afford those then on a student budget! I surfed there again and was really pleased to see that they sold electric shavers as well from reputable brands such as Braun and Philips. Maybe some Braun Shavers would be a good Christmas idea?

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