Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hold up Your TV

I had a privilege of staying in some really nice hotels when I was traveling to Bahrain and Dubai. The sad part was that I didn’t get any time at all to enjoy the wonderful facilities the room came with. I’ve noticed that each of these swanky 5-star hotels always came with plasma TVs mounted on a false wall with sony tv wall brackets. I think it’s because wall mounted TVs save more space compared to a TV on top of a console and for a small hotel room, space is a very important feature!

I really like the sleekness and the concept of having a TV on the wall. Unfortunately when we bought our plasma TV, Dad wasn’t for hanging it on the wall as he was worried the wall brackets might give way. I should have shown him Dekomount which sells high quality TV wall brackets which are strong and secure enough to hold up an expensive plasma TV! Maybe someday for my own house I can have that! Although the cost of buying a console is probably cheaper than getting a false wall made!

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