Friday, 18 January 2008

Cash Strapped

My finances have been in a terrible state this month. I don’t know why but I have not been able to meet all my financial obligations without drawing from my savings account. In addition to that, I have been saddled with a huge credit card bill due to several expenses I had put on it as part of an installment payment, without realizing that small amounts add up very quickly into large amounts! In fact, I am behind on my maintenance payments and to top it all off, I have not even been doing any traveling for the past few months! I am just hoping now that my next pay can help me even things out. As tight as I am, I would not resort to payday loans or payday cash advance like what some of my colleagues used to do. While I agree that it provides a short term measure and allows some breathing space in the interim, I personally think that people may find it hard to make the repayments in the following months as monthly financial commitments will roll around again to hit you in the following month. Some even use it for travel which I do not agree to either as it is akin to traveling on borrowed money. However, this is just my personal view of money.

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