Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Casino Galore

On my last trip to the Middle East, our flight ran into problems and we were forced to make an overnight stopover in Hatyai, Thailand. Throughout the entire delay and drama of having to move to a hotel and the uncertainty of not knowing when our next flight was, the passengers starting chatting and getting to know each other. One of the persons I met online was actually working for a casino affiliate program at C-Planet. They have a partnership with the highest converting brands available on the Net and they provide excellent conversions for their partners which translate into higher earnings for their affiliates. One of his jobs was to actually monitor and track the statistics of their affiliates site so that they can continue to provide honest, accurate and very detailed information on traffic statistics which only translates into higher earnings. It was a really interesting job and I could see that he did enjoy his job very much. In fact, he was actually more worried that he couldn’t make it home on time to start his new work week! I guess to some people work really is fun!

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