Monday, 7 January 2008

London Hotels

I used to travel very often in my previous job. In fact, just before I resigned, I actually managed to take a trip to London. It was quite a tiring trip as I arrived early in the morning and was supposed to meet my colleague in the hotel in town. Our meetings were in London City otherwise we could have considered staying at some London Heathrow Hotels nearer to the airport such as Sheraton Heathrow which we stayed in the last time. Another colleague who used to travel a lot within Europe often stayed in London Gatwick Hotels, Luton Airport Hotels or London Stanstead Hotels. Personally, I find that staying in these hotels closer to the airport offers both pros and cons. If you’re there for a quick business trip, it’s easy as it provides easy and quick access to the airport. However, it makes it almost impossible to head off for a spot of shopping in town unless you pay for the Heathrow Express or take the Piccadilly Line which will take you more time. Hence, it’s always wise to know what your itinerary is like before booking your hotel.

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