Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Construction Skills Building

I didn’t realise how unsafe our construction industry here was until I went abroad for holidays and studies. There, a tremendous amount of emphasis is placed on health and safety rules and no one is allowed to be on the site or operate any form of machinery without proper certification and training. Construction work there isn’t viewed as a form of blue collar job but rather, one that requires adequate training and skills. There are lots of places which offers training and imparting of construction skills however one of the best online sites available is the CITB Construction Skills Shop. It is an online shop which caters to both employers and employees in the construction business and provides an exhaustive resource of information and education for those in the construction line. It even includes information on how to obtain certification for tighter construction rules by 2010 plus lots of help on health and safety information. It is a site that shouldn’t be missed by all in the construction line. I would definitely recommend it to our colleagues here.

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