Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Crown Casino Melbourne

Sometimes it’s amazing to see how far the world has come. Everything is now so easily accessible with just a click of a button or a mouse. For example, whoever would have thought that gambling online would be an option by simply logging on into an online casino? Or who would have thought that there would actually be sites such as Dex Casinos whose main goal is simply to provide the ratings on all the best casino sites, poker rooms and gaming sites for hardcore online fans? Despite the online hype there is, it’s still nice to see that some people still prefer going to physical casinos. I remember how Crown Casino in Melbourne was always crowded with both tourists and hardcore gamers who were still looking for the thrill of playing on the tables or with other people they could actually see. I personally think that’s an element that’s missing from online gaming – that human interaction and communication. Plus, casinos such as Crown is a fantastic entertainment centre as well which offers so much more than just gaming!

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